Katrina Recovery
before and now
We now provide you with a
traditional City Tour combined
with a Katrina component. Our
3 hour tour provides sufficient
time for both, as we feel it is
important to show you the
recovery process taking place
in our city.

We show you the devastation
as well as the new engineering
(including new flood gates and
armored levees) designed to
better protect New Orleans
from future hurricane winds
and storm surges.

The tour includes a complete
narrative of the Katrina
experience, including personal
stories that compliment the
Katrina sights visited during
the tour.
new gates and levees
Musician's Village
upper 9th ward
before and now
new Safe House for pump operators
The new "T" wall on the levee of
the 9th wards industrial canal is
12' (4 meters) high.  The new
design is far superior to the
former "I" wall construction.  
(shown on our Dixie Tour)
The newly erected historic plaque at
the site of the collapse of the 17th
Street Canal Floodwall  in the
Lakeview neighborhood